9 to 5 Challenge

Unfit and don't know where to start? Looking to change your lifestyle?

Look no further, we have everything you need with the #9to5 Challenge! We understand that starting any exercise regime can be a daunting process, one that you may start multiple times a year but never actually finish. This is why Modern Athlete and Jeannie Jordaan have developed this Challenge guaranteed to get you running 5km in 9 weeks!

GOING FURTHER : If you have already done the 5km Challenge and have a goal of getting to 10km or even 21km. Then our 9to10 and 9to21 programs are for you.

The 9to5Challenge is a programme tailored to you. Not only does it help to get you active, but it also looks at your lifestyle, giving you a holistic view on how to get healthy and enjoy the process at the same time.


What does it include?

• Fully guided 9-week programme, with strength and stretching components.

• Wellness body composition evaluation and group feedback session.

• Nutritional guidance and tips for the best recovery and performance.

• Weekly sessions with your coach at a central location.

• WhatsApp group with tips, motivation and guidance throughout the programme.

• Weekly newsletters giving you training tips to improve your performance.

• Starter goodie bag.

• Prizes for the 'Best Achiever' and 'Most Improved' runners in the programme.



Meet Your Coaches


Jeannie really understands what it means to be the change you want to see. Her philosophy to fitness and wellness is not only something she teaches it is something she Lives.

Jeannie’s qualifications include a BA Humanties Degree (RAU, Personal Fitness Trainer (ETA), Crossfit Level 1 Instructor (Crossfit Int), Kettlebell Instructor (HFPA) and Life Coach (Results Coaching Systems)

"What makes Jeannie different is she knows what it is to hit rock bottom, pick yourself up, and start again. Almost three years ago, Jeannie had to undergo an emergency Caesarian as she gave birth to her twin boys. The recovery following the operation held many unknowns for Jeannie, the biggest being could she still run at the same level? "

"It hurt to breathe when I walked at a good pace, never mind running, I could only handle 400m at a
time I felt like I was doomed to plod along for the rest of my life." All the challenges that come with
being a new mom threatened to overwhelm her and it was at this point she said no, put her big girl
panties on, and started again. Starting slow, she put her twins in their now famous red pram, and hit
the road. "After a year my body and mind were back to normal and I could see the potential in getting
back and running competitively again."

Coming back stronger than ever, Jeannie grateful for her second chance, didn't hesitate when the
opportunity came to pass on her incredible gift to others. She started various group running
challenges with the aim to train, educate and motivate those who wanted to run but didn't know how. The response was amazing, and it was this that led her to take it to the next level, with the 9 to 5 Challenge.

Jeannie has set herself a four year plan culminating in the year that she hits the big 40 which she plans to celebrate with her fastest ultra and marathon a big feat considering her current marathon PB is an impressive 3:12. She isn't stopping there though, she is also taking on AfricanX and Comrades, big challenges ahead one's she is positive she will achieve! It's all about having the right attitude which Jeannie has. "I feel more passionate about running than ever before. Fitness and health are cornerstones of who I am, and I cannot imagine life without sport and exercise."

Jeannie is someone born to teach others, if it's motivation with a can do attitude that you need to realise your own fitness goals, she is the coach for you!


After being tired of being overweight, Jonathan took up running at the beginning of 2010. At the time he was 83kg at a height of 170cm. He began running and made small smart changes to his diet. That same year and nearly 5 months later, he ran the Colgate 15km in just over 1 hour and 17 minutes. He has not looked back ever since.

Jonathan or Jono as he is known, made a point of increasing his mileage and speed slowly and surely over time, and then he added in strength and cross training to his routines. Jono has since dropped another 7kg and has a 1/2 marathon best of 1:30:38, a 15km best of 1:00:02 and a 10km best of 39:20. In addition to running, Jono has competed in swimming and cycling races, as well as triathlons.

He loves to help people and he is passionate about bettering the lives of all those he comes into contact with.

Your Dietician


Sarah Wildy, is a registered Dietician with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.  She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and her Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg.  She is married with two young and busy daughters, and understands the stress of trying to lead a balanced and healthy life.  Sarah has a practice in Fourways, Sandton.  She is committed to guiding and educating her patients to achieve their personal health and nutritional goals. Her main interest is treating conditions related to lifestyle, and helping people to understand what healthy eating means to them.  

It is very true to say “you are what you eat”.  Just by following a healthy diet, and by keeping active one is well on the way to preventing many lifestyle-related diseases, and feeling truly well.  In this day and age, one is constantly bombarded with many confusing facts and misinformation about nutrition, that one does not know what a healthy diet entails.  Sarah strongly recommends that should you have any questions about nutrition, then consult a dietician.  Dieticians are scientifically trained to assess and treat you as an individual.  You will then know what a healthy eating means to you!

Sarah leads an active lifestyle, either jogging or sweating it out on a spinning bike at the gym. She also loves cooking healthy, yet delicious meals.

Sarah is a member of ADSA (Association of Dietitians South Africa).